Walkabout - August 2014

It has been an interesting year, garden-wise, this year. The winter was hard on trees and on the planting season. The only fruit trees/bushes to produce are my grapes and my vegetable garden is almost a bust, after something feasted on the young plants this spring.

But, such is the life and thank goodness for farmers and the successful gardeners who sell their extra produce!

Anyway, here are some photos from a quick walkabout today.

Flowerbed ...

Aren’t these pretty? I planted a few last fall - and oh what beautiful colours there are!

A new sculpture in a new flowerbed — Mr. Turtle

Kiwi — no fruit this year; last year’s vines didn’t survive and the new vines are a "do over".

The blueberries had been taken over by bindweed so out they went, leaving my fruit trees and the haskap berries (which will be moved next spring).

And now for the grapes… do I have grapes? (and this is just from my grape arbour — there are more plants in the back).

I think I’ll be giving away/selling grapes this fall. I don’t think I can drink that much juice!

So: 2014 — success? or not?
I’m saying success!