Potato Soup

Not just any old potato soup, but a POTATO HAM CHESTNUT SOUP made from jars of produce from the storage cupboard.

Mix and whip
  • 6 small, steamed potatoes (hopefully in the future I will have some potatoes preserved)
  • 1/4 c ground chestnuts (from the freezer)
  • some chopped onions in butter
  • stir in some flour to thicken it
  • add milk until it is a lovely thick soup consistency
  • the whipped potatoes and chestnuts
  • one pint of cubed ham, drained
  • seasoning: salt, pepper, cayenne pepper

(It was suggested by someone that I try Chipotle pepper or smoked paprika instead of the cayenne. Another suggestion was to add chopped kale, broccoli raab or chard at the last minute for added taste and nutrition)

~ Grandmum

And you?
  • do you have a favourite potato soup recipe?