My Mini Forest 2018

3 New Trees arrived this week and I’m so excited. They are now planted and, this morning, I took a walk around the yard, making a record of the trees that I have.

When we first moved here, there were 3 Willow trees on my acre of land and that is it. Today, we have … well, let me show you the list!
I have accidentally-intentionally set up my yard in pathways. Let me walk you through my paths:
  • 5 cedars (planted in a slight curve, creating a lovely little garden area)
  • Japanese maple, Golden Dogwood, Plum, 3 Almonds (Halls Hardy)
  • 2 cedars, English Chestnut, Osage Orange (which is to come down this year)
  • Nannyberry, Golden Dogwood, Pawpaw, cedar, 5 Columnal Cedars
  • Pink Tamarisk, Fringe Tree, Heart Tree, Hackberry, Hazelnut
  • PawPaw, 2 Tulip trees, 2 Heartnuts
  • Pine, Hungarian Walnut, Kentucky Coffee, 4 Golden Dogwoods, Heartnut
  • 2 Maple Trees, 2 Alberta Spruce, Arrow Wood, Dogwood, Silverbells, 2 Redbuds
  • 1 unknown… can’t remember what I planted there
  • leatherwood, Quince, 2 evergreens, golden Dogwood, Redbud
  • American Chestnut, Birch, Rowan Tree, 2 cherry olives
  • Evergreen, Pawpaw, golden dogwood, Maple, Mulberry, Canadian Maple
  • Golden Dogwood, PawPaw, 2 Hazelnuts
And then there is my "Agaamishkode Debwe" Circle of trees around our fire pit
  • Prairie Cherry
  • Benton Cherry
  • Japanese Plum: Beauty
  • Chum: Sapalta
  • Crabapple: Chestnut
  • Crabapple: Whitney
  • Quince: Giant of Zagreb
  • Prairie Cherry
  • Plum
  • European Pear: So Sweet
  • Apple
  • ? I forget… again
  • Apple: Pristene
  • Plum
And then a "mix and max" section
  • Euonymous
  • 4 Fig
  • 3 evergreens
  • chokecherry
  • prairie cherry
  • saskatoon berry
  • pine
  • cherry Montmorency
  • 2 prairie cherry
  • columnal evergreen
  • firebush
And in the backyard
  • pine tree
  • 4 pear
  • 2 apple
  • 2 apricot
  • golden dogwood

124 trees. That’s a lot more than my original 3 (which were all removed because they were destroying our foundation and septic system).

124 trees: orchard, Carolinian Forest, shade, Agaamishkode area, walking paths, Nature.