Cast Iron III

The other day I found some beautiful cast iron pans at an antique store. There was another frypan there that I had in my hand but didn't take it. Today, as you can imagine, I went back. It just seemed like the right size for the two of us and nice and deep to hold .. well more than eggs.

So here she is

She is stamped with "Taiwan" on the back, has a wood (?) handle and is quite heavy. Along the inside rim is a little ridge. Perhaps a lid fit snugly into this area.

Also in the pile of frypans (the others were unmarked and about the same size as ones I already have) sat this next pan. I'm sure it wasn't there the other day.

It's special because of the two pour spouts on it -- great for left-handed people ….

and because of its markings …

From the Cast Iron Collector's site:
"James Smart Mfg. Co. (Diamond G) - Brockville, ON (1854-1965)

1854: James Smart opens his Novelty Works
1860: Foundry established
1881: Business incorporated as the James Smart Manufacturing Co. Ltd.
1961: Canada Foundries and Forgings acquires James Smart Manufacturing Co. Ltd.
1965: Company closed"

Another great site:
I am glad that I went back for the Taiwan pan. I think I'm really going to like using it.

Oh.. and as I was walking back to the counter I saw this treasure hanging on a wall. It will be perfect for skimming the foam off jams during canning and off of soup stock etc. Yah!

Happy camper!!