Cast Iron II

Last week I refurbished an antique bean pot and it was very exciting to watch the transformation. Today, my daughter took me shopping with her and said that she wanted to stop at an antique store to see if she could find a small table to fit some purpose she had in mind. All I could envision was more cast iron pieces being reclaimed/refurbished and put to use again.

Into the store we went. I walked past booth after booth with no sign of anything cast iron. And then … and then… and then…. Cast iron is very heavy! And, although not expensive individually, the grand total seems to add up pretty quickly. (Except for the big camp pan, everything was around the $20 mark.) But I had fun .. and the fun is not over. I will have to get the rust off these babies and then get them glistening.

So here are the reclaimed items.

At the back is a huge 20" frypan that we will be using for cooking bacon at our family "bonfire breakfasts" that we hold throughout the year. I can't wait to haul this guy out at our next event! I've looked at these huge pans before and I know that they cost a lot more than $50. I am very excited about this find.
Here is the only markings I could find on the big pan.

Next is a "small in comparison" frypan. I don't need another frypan … but a look at the bottom and I saw the only thing I know about cast iron: the gate mark from where the metal was poured. I don't know if this is special or not but it came home with me.

And then there is this precious piece … a double boiler glue pot? (The piece on the right fits nicely into the piece on the left.)
She is unique, or at least she's unique to me and so she will have a special place in my home. Can't wait to get her cleaned up.

A wooden handle -- well that caught my eye!! Another unique conversation piece that will go … somewhere.

This next kettle came with the ladle. Two for one.. that sounds like a deal! The ladle is in pretty sad shape but then that makes it more special as the cracks hold stories. I don't know how I'll clean it up. I wonder if the molasses treatment will work on it without harming it?

And then there is this little guy and it's … well, it's little. And that makes it cute. Maybe it will hold hairpins or something.

Oh, and I can't forget the cast .. whatever metal this is. Unique comes in many forms - and colours. Definitely falls into the conversation piece category. Actually, what caught my attention was the pour spout on it. That should come in handy if I ever put it to use.

And there you have it: the grand haul of the day. The folks over at Facebook's "Cast Iron Companions" group would call this castironitis.
There is no cure. Only contagious sharing.

The one that caught my eye but I didn't purchase (well….) …. LINK

UPDATE: Oct 26/13
  • The Griswold #20 (the big boy) is looking good - some lovely grey colour. "But" because I have been rotating it, there is a line of yesterday’s/today’s. So. …
    • Yesterday I went looking for a rubbermaid container that would hold my 20" x 26" pan (counting the handles) and I found the perfect one - it is an under-the-bed storage container on wheels. And guess what? I had purchased one earlier this year. I had one all along!!
    • The pan is now in the storage unit, which I lined with a plastic drop-cloth.
    • Tomorrow, I will remove it (hopefully) for the last time, scrub it down, and give it a coat of oil. We will have to get a bonfire going to heat this big guy up to season it.

And you?
  • do you have castironitis?
  • do you have reclaim-iris?