Camp Stove


I did a lot of canning in 2013 and near the end of the season my stove went cablooey and I lost two burners. I had to invest in a new stove and during my research I happened to see a post by someone who said that she uses the Camp Chef stove for all of her canning… that caught my attention.

Off to the Camp Chef website I went and I discovered that they had a new stove - one with three big burners. One of my "wishes" during canning season was to have three large burners: one for the canner, one for the jar sterilizing, and one for cooking whatever it was that needed to be cooked before canning. So … let’s see: three burners, can do the preserving outside, and I wouldn’t have to invest in a new stove. Sounds good!

I found a company that sells the stove here in Canada, Cabela’s, my order was placed and within a few days it had arrived and it was time to put it to the test.

I had leftover pulled pork from a shindig and I wanted to can that up and I also had grapes ready for juicing. So here we go:

Left: my juicer and enough grapes to get 10 quarts of juice (most went into grape jelly)
Centre: pork heating up (and then a work station for making the jelly)
Right: pressure canner ready for the pork

+ highly efficient and two jobs done at the same time
- oh my back .. no time to rest as there was something happening all the time
+ three burners: so convenient!!
- no counter space (yet)
- no readily available water, and access to kitchen tools
- had to haul everything from kitchen, through house, to outdoors .. and back again; need a cart
+ I was outdoors, instead of a hot/humid kitchen and got to enjoy the day
- although the sun was nice .. it got hot standing there >> need an umbrella
- lots of insects after the juice! Another day, one got in canner and could have clogged pressure valve
+ the stove was hot enough to get things boiling quickly and could be turned down to the simmer
- had to find a new rhythm; different pace than on my old stove

Learning Curve
  • need a cart to haul things back and forth
  • need a list of items needed so I don’t have to go back in after something I forgot
  • need an outdoor tap for easy access to water
  • really want a water container with a tap for easy clean-up after; heat it up on stove and voila, hot water
Overall, VERY pleased with my Explorer 3x .. and perhaps most of all I love cooking eggs and toast on it on Sunday mornings.
~ Grandmum