Cooking With Preserves:
Pineapple Cake (Zucchini) ~ Potato-Ham Soup ~ Ham & Scalloped Potatoes ~ Crackers

Cast Iron Cooking:
Popovers ~ Skillet Cookie ~ Bread ~ Zucchini Bread ~ Krumpli Paprikas

Camp Stove Cooking:
My Camp Stove

Sprouts ~ Family Traditions and more

My Cast Iron:
Story I; Story 2: Story 3;

We grow some food; we preserve the food; and .. we eat the food!!

I have 500 jars of preserved food in the storage cupboards. So now what? How do I use it?

The recipes, above, are some of my
  • "cooking with preserves" recipes and experiments
  • meals cooked in my cast iron and
  • cooked on my camp stove or open fire
  • and my newest endevour: Cooking With Essential Oils