I'm a "gardener wannabe". I wouldn't say that I have the greenest of thumbs but I try. I live on an acre of land in southwestern Ontario, Canada (well, I live on the planet earth but I call this acre of land my home) and I have been gradually turning this lot of land that I am caretaker of into what would be called an edible forest. I have planted about 45 fruit and nut trees on my property, along with a dozen fruiting shrubs and other perennial edibles.

I'm a Grandmother. Perhaps you have figured that out already. "Grandmum" was a pretty good clue. I hope that the good things that I do with my gardens and growing/preserving the food produced will have a positive influence on my grandchildren and perhaps inspire them to garden and become good caretakers of this planet.

I'm what I call a Seeker - on a journey of discovering the Wisdom of our ancestors and my role in this interconnected realm we call the Universe. I try to be a giver, a contributor, and a caretaker rather than a taker and a destroyer of the earth, air and water. And as part of this journey I am learning to live greener.

~ Debbie (Grandmum)